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Author of the Month - March 2021

Dr Zanele Tlaka

Dr Zanele Tlaka is a wife, mother to two girls and a paediatrician by profession. She is a writer and poet who is now venturing into the exciting world of children’s literature. She is also a Sunday school teacher who enjoys working with toddlers and pre-schoolers. Her love for the arts extends to her involvement in the creative hub she co-founded with her husband, Thabang Tlaka, called Crazy Poetic Ministries.

Her motivation behind writing the Thabo and Lethabo Series is to help children and their parents to have an understanding of certain medical conditions. But most importantly, the book series aims to help children living with medical conditions to see themselves in the stories and find acceptance, as well as to aid their process of adjusting to this often lifelong reality. The hope is also that where possible, any stigma surrounding these conditions can be overcome. 

About the Book

Thabo's Spectacles

Thabo does not realise that his vision is impaired and that things are not always as they appear. Medicine meets fiction in this book that encourages an understanding of when spectacles are required.


The Thabo and Lethabo Book Series is an inspired book project. It features twins named Thabo and Lethabo as the lead characters. The twins help the reader understand and explore the challenges that accompany those with certain medical conditions. Young readers also learn to do away with stigma wherever it may exist, while learning important life skills.


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